Sharm El Sheik

Health Care  Quality

Sharm El Sheik is a natural destination for us: it has all the structures to receive guests and several suitable, western grade, medical facilities and specialists to fulfill the needs of our clients and make our vision a reality. Moreover it is easily reachable from Europe compared to other locations considering both flight connections and Visas.


Egypt is one of the nations with the highest prevalence of Hepatitis C in the world. Since it is a low-income country it has developed an eradication strategy, which bypasses the main international trade patent restrictions, making good use of generics.

In Egypt the price of Hepatitis C therapies is low and they work very well. These efforts have been recently described as an exemplary success by the global report of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Hepatitis C access and treatments (2016). Indeed 170 000 people were treated between October 2014 and end of 2015, and 500 000 more started treatment between January and September 2016.

The country is technologically, economically and logistically advanced to deliver even higher rates of high quality treatments and new generation DAAs.


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