TranSalus – Medical Travels is a service company that networks a team of professionals in order to facilitate access to cures and promote tourism in suitable locations.

We believe that cures, therapies and use of medical facilities should be conjugated with a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

This is how our slogan follows, from the Latin poet Horace:

“Miscere Utile Dulcis”

“Mix the useful with the pleasant”

The practice of Travel Medicine, in a globalized world, allows people to enjoy a vacation and access affordable cures, medicaments, health facilities, as they cannot do at home.

Our Story


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Meet The Team

Dr. Denis Martinvalet

Scientific Advisor Pro-Bono


Dr. Martinvalet, with a very pronounced experience in Immunology and molecular biology, has a bright career  in academia. He cures the scientific assets of TranSalus. Dr. Martinvalet provides his expertise on a voluntary basis, due to his profound sensibility for universal access to cures.

Dr. Concetta Giuliani

Communication Manager-Pro Bono


Dr. Giuliani has a Ph.D in Molecular Biology and Genetics and a wide and profound knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. She provides public relation and events organization expertise on a voluntary basis, due to her profound sensibility for the cause of Hepatitis C eradication.

Ms. Iryna Kochetkova

Business Manager


Ms. Kochetkova has a large experience as public relation professional and costumer services. She has contributed substantially at the start-up financial needs of TranSalus - Medical Travels

Dr. Domenico Migliorini

Business Manager


Dr. Migliorini, with a very pronounced experience in basic research and molecular biology, is the founder of TranSalus - Medical Travels. He is responsible for the development of the business.

Mg. Maxime Allan

Communication Manager


Dr. Allan has a background in economy and business management. He has a large experience as public relation professional and shown non-obvious skills in the relation with the costumer.  He supervise Communication and Marketing strategies for TranSalus in the Francophone Europe (France, Suisse-Romande, Belgique).

Dr. Hany Sleem

Business Manager - Egypt


Dr. Hany Sleem is the chairman of Institutional Review Boards (IRB) and the head of the Dermatology and Andrology Department in the National Hepatology and Tropical Medicine Research Institute (NHTMRI), Cairo, Egypt. He is also the chairman of the Egyptian Society of Healthcare Development (ESHD). Sleem has been a member of a variety of Research Ethics Boards for about 10 years.

Av. Rodrigo Salas Pombo

Communication & Talent Manager


 Dr. Salas Pombo has joint TranSalus to bring his  experience as business advisor and talent manager, supervising our efforts in Spain and Latinos countries.

Av. Roberto Luche

Communication & Marketing Manager


 Dr. Gonzalez is an experience Medical Communication Manager. He supervise the communication campaign and networking in the Spanish-speaking community and manages the overall strategies of marketing and image of TranSalus - Mediacal Travels.

Av. Roberto Luche

Legal Advisory Manager-Pro Bono


 Att. Luche is an Attorney, specialized in international corporate law. He supervise TranSalus legal and administrative inquiries.

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