There are of course a number of questions that may come up, at this point.

Please, feel free to contact us we are happy to clarify any doubt.

Nevertheless if you still need to make up your mind here are few Frequently Asked Questions that may help .

  • + What is Travel Medicine?

    The practice of Travel Medicine (or Medical Tourism), in a globalized world, allows people to enjoy a vacation and access affordable cures, medicaments, health facilities, as they cannot do at home.

    The development of Travel Medicine started in the '80s,  mainly connected to services like dentist. We believe that with the new generation drugs in chronic diseases things will implement.

  • + Why should I consider Travel Medicine?

    Medical attention should be associated with a relaxed and enjoyable experience and should be affordable for every pocket (Miscere Utile Dulci-Mix the Useful with Pleasant)!

    We identify fabulous locations in suitable countries where you can experience a nice vacation, may be with your family and exploit the benefit of lower prices for medical cures.

  • + What sort of hospitals and doctors can I find with TranSalus?

    We make agreements with every specialist and medical facility that proves high quality services and follows standard, internationally recognized, therapeutic protocols.

  • + What information is needed from me to obtain treatment quote?

    Our system of quotation is  flexible. We provide a preliminary idea of the costs without any major informations from the costumer in an anonymous manner, directly on this website.

    If there is an interest, we require proof of the disease and relevant diagnostics. A specialist will evaluate the data and define a personalized therapy. We will than consider any addition service and produce a quote.

  • + Will I receive an invoice from TranSalus?

    TranSalus does not trade pharmaceutical products, we help people to get the right ones. So in our invoices will not directly appear any voice related to medicines.

    You will receive a detailed invoice from us.

  • + What is included in the packages that are listed on the TranSalus website?

    In the packages are included the travel tickets, the accommodation, the medical services, our services and additional offers depending from the package.

  • + Are there any additional services that TranSalus offers?

    As a Travel Medicine company we provide all services to make your travel useful, efficient, convenient and funny, therefore anything a Travel Agency and a Medical Advisor would do we do in the locations we are connected to.

    At the moment we offer our services in Sharm El Sheik for Hepatitis C but we are opening elsewhere with other   additional options.

  • + What about the follow-up treatment for Hepatitis C? Do I need to stay longer for that?

    No absolutely! You get your prescription, you go back home and follow the cures. Of course we do not leave you alone and we will be all the time (standard service) at your disposition to answer questions, doubts etc...

    It will be necessary to test that the cure worked after 12 weeks and 24 weeks from the end of the treatment, but you do not need to come back in Egypt for that and we can help with exams to monitor the therapy as well if needed.

  • + Do I research the doctors and book appointments myself? Or TranSalus does that for me?

    No, that's our job !

  • + Is the treatment cost lower because of the lower standard of medicine in Egypt?

    In Egypt the quality of the cures has been certified and appreciated recently by the WHO.

    The prices are lower because the medicines are produced by International Pharmaceutical companies on the Egyptian territory. But they have been able to provide cures to more than 500000 people between 2014 and 2016.

  • + Can I explore and travel around in Egypt while I am here?

    You are free to go. It is also a vacation !

  • + Is it all this legal?


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