Hepatitis C

Today, our main motivation and focus is to complement governments polices against the growing threat of the Hepatitis C pandemic.

Global Prevalence of Viraemic HVC

Since 2014 powerful drugs (Direct-acting Antiviral Agents, DAA), capable to completely eradicate the disease, are in commerce.

As a consequence of DAA high price, a number of European countries have substantially restricted the cures to 70%-80% of Hepatitis C patients, excluding them from this new generation of therapies.

For more than 5 million people in Europe there can be the prospective to wait up to 10 years before having a therapy sustained by their national health care system! This will condemn several people to an irreversibly compromised health, chronic organ malfunction or failure and eventually cancer or death.

It is important to access cures before irreversible liver damage happens!

As described in this recent clinical evidence, over years after treatment, a large number of West-European  patients with an already compromised liver did accumulate significantly more clinical diseases (liver failure, Cancer, etc..) than those treated and cured before cirrhosis occurred.

Van der Meer et al., Journal of Hepatology, Oct-2016.

Clinical liver diseases after cure

We offer an alternative to those who have been excluded or put on hold indefinitely by their national health care systems, accompanying them to access medicines and cures, before it is too late.

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