Packages - Hepatitis C

Our vision and mission triggers a business ethics which dictates a great care to avoid speculating on people health and needs. We want first of all, to represent a viable option for those people often excluded from health services. Therefore we have tried to reduce at minimum our revenues.

Nevertheless we provide a wide range of services and flexibility, our touristic offer can be upgraded organizing for you a marvelous vacation, prices for two people or a group are very far from being much higher, considering our accommodation portfolio. Moreover additional health services may be considered, depending from needs.

Our Consultation Services to evaluate your diagnostics and provide an expert opinion on the specific treatment you may require are completely free of charge.

We can offer basic, touristic, healthy packages, for one week of accommodation in apartment.

The actual price of the service, here listed can vary according to city of departure, quality of the accommodation or the flight, additional services and number of people.




We guarantee, nevertheless, always the same high quality basic medical attention and services.


€ 1800



Flight Ticket

Medical Specialist Visit

One Week Accommodation

New Generation Medicines

At The Person Service


€ 2000




Basic Package


Additional Touristic Options



€ 2000




Basic Package


Additional Health Options


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